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Beautiful Artemis (Original pedestal)

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Brand: Su Sanat Evİ

Product Code: guzel_artemis_bust

Artemis, Diana in Rome, daughter of Zeus and Leto. Also known as Phoebe. Apollo's twin sister, the goddess of wild nature, hunting and the moon. He is a friend of Ares and one of the greatest Greek goddesses. He was born the day before his brother and helped his mother during the birth of Apollo. Seeing his mother's pain, Artemis vowed not to marry and to remain a virgin. He was born on the island of Delos. Apollo represents the sun and Artemis represents the moon; Apollo was called "Phoebos" (bright, lighted) and Artemis was called "Phoebe". They are both armed with bows, shooting arrows; arrows are the symbol of the sun and moon rays. Artemis is a beautiful, figured, serious-faced, divine virgin. It symbolizes affinity as the goddess of pure light.

Height 63 cm

The Original is in Ephesus Museum.


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